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Matteo Birding Guide

Male. Lives in Perdaxius, Italy.
Global Migration
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A group to discuss and learn about migration. Whether it be 'Visible Migration or Nocturnal including moon watching.  Tell us about your observations, share images of birds on migration. First dates, last dates, of sightings or sounds. Do you record nocturnal calls?  Tell us about it. Share with us  your favourite locations / hotspots. Do you visit observatories, coastal headlands or is it just your local patch?
Andrew Goodall
Candice Bagley
Cari Oleskewicz
World Birds
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A warm welcome to all new members of World Birds! You are a valuable addition to this group of bird-lovers. The group is for sharing information & pictures of birds of anywhere in the world, with an emphasis on ethical birding. The group believes in Birds and Birding, and not merely photography. We provide a platform to share observations/knowledge/records/reports about birds of anywhere in the world in their natural wild habitat.  Birding Ethics Observe but do not disturb the birds or their habitat. Avoid stressing birds or exposing them to danger. No Littering, leave the habitat in its original condition. Do not play recorded calls. Repeatedly playing a recording of bird song or calls to encourage a bird to respond can divert a territorial bird from other important duties, such as feeding its young. Never use playback to attract a species during its breeding season. Nest photography is totally banned. Keep well away from nests and nesting colonies, roosts, display areas, and important feeding sites to avoid disturbance and exposure to predators.