Our Story

Chirp Birding is the social network for those who love birds. It’s the easiest way for you and your fellow birdwatchers to connect online, share your bird sightings and enrich your birdwatching experience. Whether you’re just getting started or one of birding’s elite, Chirp gives you the tools to make your birdwatching experience better. 

It is our goal to unite the global birdwatching community and we are working to bring you the best birdwatching app, hands down. 

We believe that the birding community is driven by passion and sharing, both of which have the power to effect change in our natural world. Chirp is local and international, for families, neighbourhoods and strangers, whether you’re out in nature or on your balcony.

Giving back

We believe to safeguard our natural environment for tomorrow it must be respected. We also believe in giving back. The frequent tracking of bird life through citizen science is vital, and so the sightings data generated from our community will support and speed up conservation research. As parents we’re passionate about what impact Chirp can have on future generations. We want to help solve global problems like ‘Nature-Deficit Disorder’ by getting kids outside for their entertainment. We want to educate them through knowledge and observation — and have more fun doing it.


How we got here

Our founders are passionate birders and have created this company on a shared love of wildlife and a desire to use smart technology to use to solve real problems for birders. It started with an idea whilst visiting the Rutland Bird Fair, and took a lot of hard work and effort to create a platform so that you can connect with a community of millions of others who really care about birding.