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by on November 18, 2020

Fancy getting access to all our latest updates before the masses? Follow the steps below to join our Beta Testing Program and get starting trying out all of our latest features and fuctionality! 

Apple iOS Beta Testing 

Step 1: Download and install TestFlight iOS app (TestFlight is Apple's app to manage Beta Testing) on device that you’ll use for testing.

Step 2: Open Chirp's Beta Testing invitation link to add you as a tester.

Step 3: The invitation link will open in TestFlight. Read the detail about what to test and then tap accept.

Step 4: Now simply tap the install button next to Chirp to install the latest beta version

Step 5: If you want to revert back to the standard Chirp Birding app, just download it again from the Apple App Store and it will replace the beta version.



Android Beta Testing

Step 1: Join our Android Beta Testing Program here

Step 2: You'll receive an update to the Chirp Birding app if you already have it installed on your device (Note: This may take a while for you to receive the upate). If you don't have the Chirp Birding app installed, download it on Google Play.

Step 3: Once the test verision has installed, get start with testing

Step 4: Send any bugs or sugestion you may have to our customer support email address

Step 5: To switch to the public version, uninstall the testing version and install the public version on Google Play.

Step 6: Want to leave the testing program? Then just open the same link you joined with and click LEAVE THE PROGRAM in the bottom right.

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