• User Info Popup:
    • Included Follow button
    • Added number of followers and users life list 
  • View Members Page:
    • Included the Follow button above the 'Add Friend' button
    • Include the followers count next to the friends count



  • Fixed bug that resulted in sighting images being grainy.



  • Major update to the website user interface.



  • Added an 'Import History' section to the Import Sighting page. The purpose of this tool is to:
    • Help users keep a log of what import files they have uploaded to Chirp.
    • Review progress importing new file.
    • Display any errors that may have occured during the import process.



  • Linked 'Add Friend' to 'Follow User' so that when a user adds a user as a friend, a friend request will be sent to the friend and the user will follow their friend.



  • Updated the leaderboard to only show the top 8 users if the user is in the top 8 or show the top 8 and their position if they are not in the top 8.



  • Fixed issue with the leaderboad block in Groups



  • Added 'Let us help' tab to the Import page to assist users that are having difficulty importing their sightings to Chirp.
  • Fixed bug that resulted in premium users being directed to the subscription page when clicking on premium leaderboards.



  • Added the following statistics blocks to the user statistics page:
    • Photo Vsalidation - Tracks the number of life that the user has verified with a photo.
    • Locations Visited - Reports the number of Regions, Countries, Provinces and Birding Areas that the user has posting sightings in.
    • Top Lifer Locations - Reports the location where the user has seen most of their lifers.
    • Your Birding History - Reports the number of days a users was birding and lifers seen by year.
    • Latest Lifers - Reports a user 10 most recent lifers.
    • Your Most Unique Species - Reports a users most unique species in relation to what other users have seen.
    • Your Most Logged Species - Reports the species that a user has logged the most.
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