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Thread: Backend Updates
Chirp Team


  • Major update to our backend to improve performance of the Chirp statistics system. We improved database queries' performance by indexing relevant columns, limited the number of queried and the use of 'join' queries, made use of caching for data that rarely changes and reduce loop blocks inside source code. Users should notices significant improvements in the website load times especially for user with thousands of sighting records.



  • Major update to the backend to improve performance of the Chirp platform. Users should notices significant improvements in the website responsivness/load times.



  • Improvements to the eBird import process. eBird 'Submission ID' is now recorded which enables users to import their eBird export csv multiple times without duplicates being created on Chirp.
  • Included functionality to capture subspecies records in users eBird imports.
  • Use the eBird ISO 3166-2 identifiers in records to capture country & province. Resulted in significant performance improvement.
  • Reconfigured species database to include full IOC and Clements species lists



  • Major enhancement of our species database that automates large taxonomic updates. This will allowing for taxonomic updates in a matter of minutes rather than weeks.



  • Improved character encoding (some characters were not in UTF-8 character set) that blocked Google from handling some geocoding requests.



  • Resolved potential bugs in the eBird import process.



  • Editing species names in sightings now updates the name of any corresponding sighting images too.
  • Photos added to sightings are assigned the category 'Birds'. This will assist categorising photos in the photos section of Chirp.



  • Made improvements to the database architecture to increase performance when users import very large lists. This update significantly reduces load times of the main feed, user profile pages and the user statistics pages.
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