The IOC World Bid List is translated into 28 different languages for some but not all species. Chirp enables users to display bird species names in any one of the 28 languages in the IOC World Bid List. Where a species name is not available in a language selected by the user, the English name will be used. The Chirp website language is currently managed independantly of the bird species language due to the website only being translated into a some of the major languages. 

The following table provides an overview of how many IOC World Bird List (revision 7.3) names have been translated for each launguage:

Language Species translated into language
English 10,852
Afrikaans 990
Catalan 10,235
Chinese 10,649
Chinese (Traditional) 10,671
Czech 9,893
Danish 10,380
Dutch 10,825
Estonian 5,777
Finnish 9,727
French 10,779
German 10,701
Hungarian 6,645
Icelandic 976
Indonesian 1,630
Italian 10,243
Japanese 9,975
Latvian 2,038
Lithuanian 10,042
Norwegian 10,355
Polish 10,842
Portuguese 5,839
Russian 9,671
Slovak 10,852
Slovenian 949
Spanish 10,677
Swedish 10,825
Thai 1,018
Category: Taxonomy
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