Chirp's Premium Subscription is a paid service that unlocks additional functionality on the platform. The list below shows the current functionality included in the Premium Subscription:

  • Detailed premium leaderboards: this allows users to compare their species by Friends, Following and Age
  • Access ‘unseen’ species lists: The unseen species list is simply a list of all the species that a user is yet to see. This can be based on the global species list or filtered on a region by region basis.
  • Hide advertising: To help finance day to day operations Chirp displays industry related advertising throughout the platform. As paying users of the platform, premium users are not shown any advertising.
  • Access multiple species regions: Standard users have access to just one birding region on Chirp. If users would like to add sightings from more than one region then the premium subscription will unlock access to all regions.

There will be additional features added to the Premium Subscription over time as we develop the platform further.

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Jaci Kroupa
I just joined after a verbal invitation by member Jesse Huth. He was telling me about your site yesterday. I did not realize he could earn points by "inviting" me thru the site and jumped the gun and joined. Is it possible for him to get the 299 points for a month subscription? I promise to invi...View More