Chirp and eBird are both platforms that can be used to record a birders sightings and to host their life list, however Chirp is a fully fledged social network with a focus on birding whilst eBird is primarily used to collect valuable data for research and is limited in how users can interact with one another.


Probably the most notable difference is Chirp's content feed that displays activity (in the form of posts of sightings, news, events, photos etc) from the people that a user follows. Much like other social networks, this content can be liked, commented on and shared. Furthermore, Chirp features notifications to keep users informed about activity within their network, as well as pages, groups and a business directory. It is features and functionality such as this that distinguishes a social network such as Chirp from the eBird community where there is limited ability for users to interact with one another.


At Chirp, we are however, mindful of the fact that eBird is a well established platform with many users and makes a valuable contribution to research and conservation. For this reason, our intention is not to pull people away from eBird, but rather to support them by growing the birding community and by sharing sightings data with them. In the short term, Chirp have built an export tool so that our users can easily export their sightings data abd then import it to eBird. As a longer term solution, we have started building an API that will enable sightings data to be shared with any conservation related platform.


For eBird users who would like to join Chirp, we have built an eBird import tool so that users can continue to record their lists through eBird and then simply import their lists into Chirp from time to time.

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