The Chirp import tool is designed to enable users to quickly and easily import their life lists or sightings into Chirp.

If you already have a personal spreadsheet of your life list/sightings or a export file from another platform, then the Chirp import tool is a simple way to get your sightings into Chirp. The Chirp import tool organises your sightings data into a format that is compatible with our platform and then checks that all of your species names correspond with either IOC, Clements or Birdlife taxonomy. Follow these steps to import your life list/sightings into Chirp:

  1. Download Chirp Import File from here.
  2. Add all your sightings detail to the file.
  3. If any of the required fields are highlighted in yellow, please make sure they are completed. If either the species common or scientific names are highlighted in yellow, then please refer to the 'Species' sheet in the tool to make sure that you are using the exact common or scientific name used by either the IOC, Clements or Birdlife.
  4. Lastly, just click on the button ‘Check for Errors and Save Import File’ to do a final check for errors and to create your .csv import file.
  5. Open the 'Import' page on the website and import the .csv file.
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