Using Add Sightings - Detailed is the best way to keep your life list up-to-date and to post general bird sightings. This functionality allows you to add a lot of other details to your sightings which may not be available via 'Add Sightings - Quick', 'Uploading your life list' or 'Importing from other platforms'. This is a summary of all the detail that you can add using Add Sightings - Detailed:

  1. If you saw a specific species with a friend, you can tag them in the sighting. This will add the species to your life list and everyone that you tagged in the sighting.
  2. If you have a recording of a bird call, then you can add the audio file to your sighting.
  3. If you have a sighting of a species that you would like to post on Chirp by that may not be eligible to add to your life list, then you can still post the sighting and just check the 'Exclude from life list' checkbox.
  4. You can post sightings in atlasing mode which will make your sightings eligable for bird atlasing projects.
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