Chirp has privacy built into its sighting platform that gives you the option to choose exactly how the location of your sightings are shared with other users. This enables users to limit which types of users are able to view the location of the sightings you post on the platform. So, for example, if you see something special that you only want your friends to see the location of, just select Friends . Alternatively, you could share the location of your sighting/sightings according to any one of the following options:

  • Everyone
  • Friends
  • Friends of Friends
  • Only Me

The default settings for location sharing is Everyone. If you would like to change this default setting, simply navigate to your account settings and click on the privacy tab. Then you just need to update the sighting location field in the 'Item' tab of you Privacy Settings for the sharing the location of your sightings. Simple as that!

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