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Natalie White

Female. Lives in West Langton, United Kingdom. 37 years old. is married to John White.
by on April 28, 2020
Bleary-eyed and still dreaming, I was woken early this morning by my 3-year old daughter who informed that “Mummy, the birds are too noisy, they are waking me from my sleep!”. It was still pitch black and a little after 6am but she was right, the birds were being particularly raucous. For them the day had begun. Sitting here now, in my home office that looks on to a beautiful pepper tree, I’m reminded how lucky I am to have a ring-side seat to the wildlife that is in full flow around me. Here...
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by on April 27, 2020
What land animal has the largest eyes? With a diameter of 5cm (2 inches), the Common Ostrich (Struthio camelus) is said to have the largest eyes of any land animal. They are about the size of a billiard ball and five times larger than the human eye! You can see when you look closely that their eyes are quite beautiful with long eyelashes to protect them. However, they take up so much room in their head that their brain is actually smaller than either one of its eyeballs. With such impressive ...
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by on April 24, 2020
With winter fast approaching here in Cape Town, bird feeders are a good way to help out our feathered friends when food is more scarce. We already have a wooden birdhouse feeder that is a popular eating spot for some of our regular garden visitors, such as the Swee Waxbill, Red-eyed Dove and Forest Canary, but we decided to give these great craft ideas a go. They are both fairly simple to do with basic household items and such fun for kids to help you create.    1. Hanging Birdseed Ornamen...
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by on April 23, 2020
Bingo or “Beano” as it was originally called in the United States, is a hugely popular numbers game that dates back to the mid-1500’s. It started in Italy as the Italian Lottery or "Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia", where players had cards with numbers in rows, winning numbers were drawn from a sack and players competed to match their numbers first. The game became so popular in Italy that it crossed borders to France in the late-1700’s where it was known as “Le Lotto”. The French altered the game ...
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by on April 8, 2020
It is always great to discover new ideas for keeping your kids busy during holiday times or weekends, but particularly now, when we have been trapped in ‘COVID-19 Lockdown’, for what seems like in an interminable amount of time. And with all the toilet-roll stock piling that’s been happening in recent weeks, we’ve found a great use for all those empty rolls!  Our girls (Christina 3 years, Jessica 22 months) have always had a love of being outside and it’s times like this when we are thankful ...
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by on July 26, 2019
A 4:30am alarm is early, even when you are going on holiday. Our first stop on a 10-day road trip to Durban is the Karoo National Park, just outside the N1 town of Beaufort West. This was to be our second visit to the park but our first with a 4x4 and hence our newfound ability to explore the furthest half of the park which is restricted to 4x4 vehicles only. The long and windy Klipspringer Pass This also gave us the option to stay in one of the two remote cottages in this section of t...
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by on July 25, 2019
Five years ago, the idea of doing a back to basics overland trip through the wilds of Southern Africa was definitely not on my radar. Back then I was a pale-faced Brit who’d barely stepped foot in Africa.  Now, married to a die-hard ‘bush warrior’ and running our own wildlife social platform, Tracking the Wild, a month of soaking up the wonders of the African bush has fast become my idea of heaven. Our trip would take us 32 days and over 8,000km – the final odometer count was 8,610km – across...
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by on July 24, 2019
Back in 1851, on his quest to find the source of the Zambezi River, Scottish explorer David Livingstone stumbled upon a piece of paradise in the southern most corner of the Caprivi Strip. Now renamed the Zambezi Region, this narrow strip of land boasts areas of extraordinary wilderness just waiting to be explored. Five years ago, the idea of doing a back to basics overland trip through the wilds of Southern Africa was definitely not on my radar. Back then I was a pale-faced Brit who’d barely ...
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by on October 20, 2017
After three days on the road we were getting used to our early wake ups. And today there was a great reason to be up, dressed and coffee-fueled by 6am, we were going rhino tracking on foot.  Somkhanda Game Reserve in Zululand is a 12,000 hectare community owned reserve and the first of its kind to become part of the endangered Black Rhino Range Expansion Programme, which released a number of black rhino onto the reserve in order to promote their breeding and expand their range. The land itsel...
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by on October 20, 2017
De Hoop Nature Reserve is often cited as one of the most beautiful coastal reserves in South Africa, and we couldn’t agree more. The last time we were here it was April 2013, for our wedding, and the scenery looked markedly different. Travelling along the N2 from Cape Town, the landscape was dry and thirsty then, but at this time of year the fields are full of rich greenery and vibrant yellows that make everything look alive and flourishing. The reserve itself is managed by CapeNature, wi...
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