The Sustainable Birding Company
The Sustainable Birding Company offer high quality Birding, African Big 5 Safari and Photography Tours in Kenya and Uganda that directly contribute to the conservation of local birds and wildlife.    Our Model of Sustainability involves donating a percentage of profit to local wildlife conservation NGOsand our own personal Sustainable Projects, mitigating against environmental impact, and creating opportunities for young people to get inspired by birding and wildlife.   We only employ the best local bird guides, meaning you not only benefit from their huge expertise but that you're also supporting local livelihoods. By choosing to go on a tour with us, you are actively choosing to support a sustainable approach to tourism in East Africa. ​ Don't wait any longer: book your Birding Tour in Kenya or Uganda today and have the time of your life!
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Choose Honduras
We create custom trip itineraries featuring the cultural and natural diversity of Honduras, a small country in Central America with a big heart!  With almost 800 bird species, including the endemic Honduran emerald, Honduras is a birder's paradise. An amazing diversity of ecosystems and terrains in a relatively small country provide a great opportunity to add substantial numbers to your life list. Notable highlights include: 7 species of Mot Mots, the Lovely Cotinga, Oscellated Quail, Resplendat Quetzal, Scarlet Macaw, Keel-billed Toucan, and Elegant Euphonia. Our birding trips are provided in collaboration with Yobani from Xukpi Tours, a local bird guide from Copan Ruinas organizing trips since 1995. We work with independent hotels, local guides, and organized community groups that share our commitment to sustainable tourism practices. Have a look at some sample trip itineraries, and learn more on our WEBSITE HERE
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Neophron Tours
Neophron Tours offers a variety of birdwatching and other wildlife and natural history tours in Bulgaria, Northern Greece and Romania including botanical tours, Brown Bear and Wolf viewing, dragonfly and butterfly tours, wildlife photography tours and mountain hiking.
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Cape Bird Club
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A brief history of the Club. The South African Ornithological Society (SAOS) was formed in 1930 and had members all over South Africa. For many years there were no regional branches or bird clubs. In the late 1940’s members on the Witwatersrand and around Cape Town got together and decided to form local clubs. The first was the Witwatersrand Bird Club with the Cape Bird Club following a few months later in May 1948. The Cape Bird Club became the first branch of the SAOS on 17th March 1950. In 1996 SAOS changed its name to BirdLife South Africa (BLSA). It is the leading bird conservation non-profit organisation in South Africa. The Cape Bird Club has a membership in excess of 700 members of which most are also direct members of BLSA. The Cape Bird Club is currently the largest affiliated club of BirdLife South Africa. BirdLife South Africa is affiliated to BirdLife International which is the largest international conservation non-profit organisation. All Western Cape bird clubs affiliated to BirdLife South Africa are represented on the Western Cape Birding Forum (WCBF) which provides a communication channel between clubs and BirdLife South Africa. It also provides for joint conservation initiatives by these clubs. The Cape Bird Club has the longest and most active history of nature conservation of any bird club in South Africa.
African Bird Club
Introduction This page provides a summary of the African Bird Club, its aims, what it does, how it is managed and the benefits to you of membership or sponsorship. Special thanks are extended to the photographers, artists and writers who contribute their work freely to African Bird Club publications and its website. Background The African Bird Club is a UK registered charity which is managed on a voluntary basis by a Council of trustees. The Club was formed in 1994 following a proposal by a number of people with a common interest in African ornithology. The Club covers the ornithology of the following geographic region: Continental Africa Indian Ocean islands west of 80° East, e.g. Madagascar, Mascarene islands and Socotra Atlantic Ocean on or east of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, e.g. Tristan da Cunha group, Azores and Canaries. About a quarter of the world's bird species, more than 2500, have been recorded in this region, with 332 included on BirdLife International’s Red Data species list for 2011, the most recent summary of the world's threatened and near-threatened species. The aims of the Club are to: provide a worldwide focus for African ornithology raise money to support conservation projects in Africa through the Conservation Fund encourage an interest in the conservation of the birds of the region liaise with and promote the work of existing regional societies publish a twice-yearly colour bulletin encourage observers to visit lesser known areas of the region, and search for and study globally threatened and near-threatened species.