The Casual Birder Podcast
on February 14, 2021
Each week I invite people to tell me their #Top5Birds or bird sightings from the past week
This week, my lockdown birding high-points are:
1. My friendly Rook returning to my garden after a 5-week absence
2. Seeing Redwings on my daily walk
3. Long-tailed Tits sitting and preening in the afternoon sun
4. Seeing my first Goldcrests of the year on my new walking route
5. Male Sparrowhawk in my garden
What have you seen?
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Nick Upton
1. Firecrest 2. White-fronted Goose 3. Water Rail 4. Eurasian Nuthatch 5. Fieldfare feeding in a bush just 3 feet away for over an hour!
Suzy Buttress
Wow! That’s a great list!