John White
John White
has seen Common Kestrel England, United Kingdom
Cathy Ryan
Sparrow fest
Miguel Nicholson
Very pretty when in full plumage
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Natalie White
Andrew Goodall
Heather Edwards
Nancy Fernandez
has seen Verdin Nuevo León, Mexico
Alvaro Rojas
Heather Edwards
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Heather Edwards
Not the greatest pictures but was so excited to see my first Harrier today.
Andrew Goodall
Super birds #Heather
Allan Duffy
Lunchtime for the resident garden House Sparrows also get Tree ones as well
Nick Muri
has added 1 new sightings to Birds Kwale County, Kenya
These beautiful birds invade farm lands and feed on maize and other cereals.
Alvaro Rojas
Faby Galleta
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Andrew Goodall
Lovely shot
Ozcan Kilic
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