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Matthew Hyde

Male. Lives in Norfolk, United Kingdom. 37 years old.
Matthew Hyde
has seen Black-headed Gull The Mallards, England, United Kingdom
Last chick of the season still hanging around the nest, parents surely wanting it to move out by now!
Matthew Hyde
Common tern family of 3 showing really well today, right in front of the hide. I swear I saw the parent with a fish in beak waiting to feed it's offspring, only to put it back in the water after a min...View More
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Jenni Nur Libya
Catch and release policy??!! 😁😁😁
Matthew Hyde
has seen Northern Shoveler The Mallards, England, United Kingdom
The size makes this look like a juvenile to me, looking absolutely ridiculous with that massive bill! :)
Matthew Hyde
has seen Egyptian Goose Yelverton, England, United Kingdom
Had the pleasure of watching this one guy grow up this spring on our village pond. Only one in the end, out of the clutch of 6, but that's sort of normal I guess.
Matthew Hyde
has seen Common Kestrel Alpington, England, United Kingdom
Lucky to get so close to this one (the photo's just taken with my phone), I came round the corner and luckily I was behind it, and it's attention was on the field, not me! I stood there for a few minu...View More
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Caroline George
They are such fabulous birds
Matthew Hyde
has seen Red Kite Yelverton, England, United Kingdom
Heard a gull going crazy outside and saw it hassling this beauty as it was soaring pretty low. Lucky to have these flying over my village in South Norfolk every so often, I love that they are doing we...View More
Matthew Hyde
Does this happen to you?? Yesterday evening I heard a warble from the tree. Could be a blackcap. No it's more scratchy. A whitethroat? I see movement, lift my binoculars, see a tail poking out from be...View More
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John White
Yes, all the time 😂
Steve whiteraven
All the fun of birding 😂
Matthew Hyde
has seen Common Starling Yelverton, England, United Kingdom
This made me laugh, you can't really see in the photo but the rain was coming down hard, the kids obviously don't like the rain yet and the parent is getting a bit restless. They were sat there for ab...View More
Matthew Hyde
has seen Mute Swan Carlton Colville, England, United Kingdom
A baby swan, lovely to see loads of these at Carlton Marshes SWT at the moment
Matthew Hyde
has seen Common Moorhen Yelverton, England, United Kingdom
Love seeing this behaviour on a local village pond. A juvenile Moorhen feeding it's brother or sister ߘ, with the parents nearby out of shot.
Matthew Hyde
has seen Common Linnet Alpington, England, United Kingdom
Must be the best photo I've taken of a bird so far. I've not got a camera so this was a rubbish phone through one binocular lens.
Matthew Hyde
has seen Sedge Warbler Carlton Colville, England, United Kingdom
Matthew Hyde
Took a while to work out what it was, but it's a juvenile stonechat, seen at Carlton Marshes SWT
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