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Steve whiteraven

Male. Lives in Taunton, Somerset, United Kingdom. 65 years old.
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Love nature generally always have since young, recently took up birding initially in the back garden...View More
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Steve whiteraven
Well, I don't think I will be using birda its a shame but i am not interested in anything that only works through a phone app (one that isn't actually available yet anyway on android)as I use a camera...View More
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Barry Farquharson
If as expected my blog views plummet when Chirp goes (no clickable links on Birda), I will have no reason to stick around on Birda. I much prefer using the website for Chirp than the app. Trying to view pics on a phone screen - especially for trying to help with IDs is in some cases a waste of time ...View More
Dom Barker
Sorry to hear that Steve, we will have a web version ready towards the end of spring next year. In the mean time I’d love to get you set up on our Android beta build. If you drop me a line on dom@birda.org I will sort that out for you. Cheers, Dom
Rafael Belliard
Sorry to hear that as well. Haven’t been here a year yet but I’ve enjoyed your posts and the camaraderie in general here. Just managed to finish “kicking the tires” on Birda and so far I’m less than impressed.