David Jr
on July 4, 2021 98 views

This video of the Brown-winged Kingfisher was taken at one of the mangroves in Langkawi Island, Malaysia. The beautiful kingfisher is also endemic to Langkawi Island and Malaysia, as you can only spot it here in all of Malaysia.

Langkawi is home to many birds, and the Browned-winged Kingfisher is one of the endemics that bird watchers want to see when they come birding here. Overall, birdwatching in Langkawi is also one of the top places in Malaysia which birders head to.

For me, I have been in and out of Langkawi and seen the Brown-winged Kingfisher many times; therefore, on my last trip in late 2019, just before the Covid19 pandemic crippled the industry and travel, I decided to take a video of this beautiful kingfisher to share it with everyone.

Now I cannot wait for the borders to open up again to start exploring many other new bird watching locations around Malaysia.

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